208 Kinkaid

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Custom Job: over 4 million

Three Corners

This English Manor home is nestled in a beautiful garden setting of Memorial.  Its interior finishes exhibit an elegant reserve with a quality all its own.  Carved paneled doors, beautiful gothic arches and groined ceilings, combined with subtle toned backdrops and great attention to detail in tilework, iron, built-ins and surface finishes embellish its Old World charm.

Sold Spec job for over 2 million


Located on a beautiful 4 acre lot in Rivercrest, this custom home houses a unique architecture all its own. Its complexity of design materials is an incredible example of builder, client teamwork on this magnificent project. With travel overseas to insure authentic reproductions the client’s heritage was successfully showcased through imported and local items to create a truly wonderful Morrocan styled palace.

Custom Job: over 10 million

405 Lindenwood

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